Roof Replacement

You Deserve Only the Best New Roof

Part of being a homeowner means accepting the reality that eventually you’re going to need a roof replacement. When your roof is well maintained and properly installed, it will prevent major problems and save you money in the future. We provide professional roof replacement for smart homeowners like you. Has this year’s hail storm tarnished those shingles? Has it been years since your roof was replaced? Is water leaking through certain spots when it rains? Let’s take a look at when, and the major reasons why you may need a roof replacement!

Roof Replacement happening in TX

How Mother Nature Causes Roof Damage 

Your roof is the first line of defense between you and the outside forces of nature. For this reason a professionally installed roof is an investment into the safety and integrity of your home. Mother Nature can steadily and assuredly tick away at the stability of your roof. Don’t be left standing in the wind needing an emergency roof replacement. Keep reading to see how Earth’s elements can affect your roof!

Hail Storms 

Hail storms are your roof’s worst enemy. Even the smallest size hail can cause roof damage. As hail falls from the sky, it reaches terminal velocity. Hail speeding down to the surface will tear apart older shingles, and crack tile roofing. After any hailstorm you should give us a call to perform a visual inspection for any signs of damage right away.

Rain and High Winds

When it rains, it pours! Heavy rains will most certainly overload your rain gutters and allow water to soak down under your shingles, and into the decking of your roof. Over time, the integrity of your home will be weakened if not dealt with quickly. Combine this with debris striking your roof from high winds, and now you’re in major trouble. Together, high winds and heavy rains will eventually break shingles, tiles, cause leaks, and ruin the joints that hold the roof onto your home. If your city has been experiencing high winds and heavy rains, contact us to perform a qualified inspection today!

How We Can Protect You and Your Family From Dangerous Roof Damage

Our qualified technicians follow a process that is sure to make certain that your roof stays in tip top shape. To begin with, we will come to your home and perform a complete inspection of your roof. During this inspection we are looking for multiple things…

We want to check for:

  • Quality of shingles and tiles
  • Integrity of roof deck
  • Existing roof damage 
  • Roof leaks 
  • Buildups of Moss and Lichen 
  • Cracked caulk or rust spots
  • Any signs of roof decay 

We hope that your roof is in good condition. However, if we discover signs that you need a roof replacement, we will give you an estimate for roofing replacement services. All of our estimates are inclusive of the total job. Everything from labor to materials will be included in your estimate. In addition to cost, we want to set your mind at ease by also providing an exact timeline for the completion of your roof replacement. We understand that you have other things in your life to manage. Let us take care of the hard part. You can relax and feel comfortable that you are dealing with experienced professionals who have your best interest at heart. Call today to schedule your estimate or inspection (972)880-1145.

We'll Take Care of Your Roof From Start to Finish!