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Best Roofing Company Allen TX

The roof is the most important part of a home and that is why it is so important to find the best roofing company Allen TX. The roof ensures the safety of the entire household. Therefore, it’s very important to have the perfect roof; one that is strong and can withstand any kind of weather including storms, strong winds and such other harsh conditions. Regular roof maintenance will help keep your roof well maintained, and household occupants safe & secure. That being said, it’s essential you only hire the best and most professional roofing company to repair, install or replace your roof.

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Fortunately, you have come to the right place. All Star Roofing provides full service residential and commercial roof repairs and replacement in Allen, Texas. Whether you need roofing repair, roof replacement, or roof installation; the All Star Roofing Company is here to help you. We offer high quality services at absolutely amazing prices.

Benefits of Hiring All Star Roofing Company

  • Professional services; When you hire us, you will receive professional roofing services from the most skilled and professional roofing experts in Allen Texas. Our roofing experts have the knowledge and unmatched expertise when it comes to roof construction, roof replacement and roof repairs.
  • Increases the value of your home; The roof is well known to be a key part of any home. When you have a new roof installed, replaced or repaired by professionals, the home’s value will increase significantly.
  • Cost effective; We have many industry connections which help us get the best materials at the best possible prices which makes us offer high quality services at very affordable prices. We have actually formed very close relationships with various top notch roofing manufacturers, which in turn enables us to pass on the savings to you. In addition, we have the expertise and experience to do the task right the 1st time.
  • High quality workmanship; We are a highly experienced roofing company, and we always offer higher quality, unmatched workmanship. In other words, we know everything there is to know when it comes to roofing matters. Moreover, we possess the skills and the knowledge to access, identify and remedy all kinds of roofing problems, whether big or small.
  • High quality materials; We have access to the best quality materials in the market which not only look much better, but also last for much much longer.
  • Quick turnaround; As a professional roofing company, we have the skills and knowledge to get any job done efficiently and quickly. For the average sized homes, the job can be effectively completed in a single day by a small crew of our professional roofing experts.
  • We know the best type of roofing which will work for your home. Since we are a local business, we know the weather and the climate in Allen, so we can expertly determine the best type of roofing which will work best for you home.
  • Safety; The roof is inherently a dangerous place. As a matter of fact, over 140,000 people get injured (other even die) from ladder related injuries every year. We have all the necessary safety equipment and tools which ensure all of our roofing experts are well protected when they’re climbing ladders, carrying bulky materials and equipment up/down from the roof. and performing various repairs on the roof. Rest assured we will do the job safely and quickly. In addition, when you hire our professional roofing services, you will stay off the stress and risks associated with roof repairs.
  • Our team of experts always conducts a keen, realistic and detailed assessment so as to establish your roofing needs, and employ the appropriate solutions.
  • We specialize in roofing matters, so you can be sure that you will receive top quality roofing services.


We are a full service, fully certified and insured roofing company Allen, TX 75002 with many years of experience. We specialize in commercial and residential roofing ranging from metal, asphalt shingles, slate, tile to flat roofs. We always strive to meet and exceed all of our customers’ expectations. Our goal is to always deliver top quality services at unbeatable prices. Whether it’s a roof repair, a new roof, a roof replacement, or gutters, we do it all. So, call us today, and let us take care of all your roofing needs. (972) 880-1145

Most Common Roofing Problems in Allen TX

A roof is intended to keep the people in a building from the harshness of the weather. When its condition is compromised by roofing problems it means there will be expenses in repairing the roof. The expense is much more when the damage is not repaired in its early stages. Here is a look at common roofing problems you should be on the lookout for in Allen TX.

Roofing Company Allen TX


Whether from leaking pipes or natural precipitation in the form of rain, snow and hail, moisture is very destructive to the roofing of any building. As little as a few drops can result in immense damages by causing mold to grow on the items on which it settles. This mold could result in problems ranging from difficulty cleaning to diseases. The roof itself can rot and cave in sooner or later. The most common reasons why moisture gets into roof layers include poor adhesion, damaged flashing and damage to the moisture barrier.

Poor roof installation and repairs

There are many roofing companies out there that lack the expertise and experience required to provide quality roofing services. When you hire any of these (they are often cheap), your roofing will be done in a manner that is not reliable and you can expect it to start troubling you soon enough. This also reduces the life expectancy of the roof very drastically. The best solution for this is to make sure that one seeks the services of only qualified and licensed roofing company Allen TX and elsewhere in the world. Only hire a roofing company with a proven track record of giving quality work. When your roof needs to be repaired, it is not a do it yourself affair. Let the professionals handle it because they know the right materials, tools and techniques to use so that the repair makes the roof better.

Lack of proper maintenance

The roof is one of the most neglected parts in any building be it a home or a commercial premise. The reasons people give for this range from lack of enough finances to utter ignorance. Regardless of what the reasons are, lack of proper roofing maintenance results in small problems going undetected. These minor problems then escalate and become bigger problems going as far as necessitating the replacement of the entire roof. This is far more expensive than the much that scheduled maintenance would have. Setting up a routine roof inspection will save you a lot of money and time.

Overhanging trees

Most probably when setting up the building, all overhanging tree limbs will be cut off or the entire tree uprooted. With time however, trees grow and you need to be particularly observant of the trees growing near the house. Overhanging limbs tend to rub on the roof wearing off the top layer and abrading the shingles at the top. When strong winds blow, the branches could fall on the roof resulting in major damages. The right way to deal with this is to cut any overhanging tree branches and if the tree is too near the home it needs to be uprooted.

Ponding water

This is water that accumulates on the roof in the form of a pond. It applies weight of about 5.2 pounds per square foot which could cause considerable harm to the roof if not drained soon. It could even lead to eventual roof collapse. The water could result from rainfall, collapsed gutters or leaking water pipes. To prevent ponding water, the roof should be installed in such a way that it is slanting to allow any water to flow freely off the roof. Adding roof drains could also help but only if those drains are cleaned often.


These are animals that want to make your roof their home. They include squirrels, bats, raccoons, mice, snakes and cockroaches to mention but a few. These could be harmful to the home and the people living in it. Some bite while others dig holes in the home and even feed on clothing and foods while others even cause diseases. To avoid this ensue that your roof does not have any holes through which they could get in. in order to do this, go up the attic on a sunny day and observe for any holes letting light into the ceiling.

Temperature change effects

When it gets hot, the roof absorbs heat and expands and when it gets cold it loses heat and shrinks. This repeated expansion and contraction results in cracking, loosening roof flashing and exposing seams. This later leads to leaks, punctures and many other problems. One way to prevent this is to choose roofing material that is not prone to heat absorption and avoiding the likes of EPDM rubber which is at a greater risk of being affected by temperature changes.

Blisters, Bridges and surface erosion

These are common with BUR type of roofing and mainly result when the asphalt is not heated to the right temperatures. Blisters could also be caused by bad interplay installation. In bitumen roofing, water and air trapped in the modified roof can vaporize resulting in the formation of a blister. There are many other causes if blisters and though these should not be cause for concern when they are large in size you should get them repaired. They tend to result in bigger problems especially as the roof ages. To avoid these effects the key is early detection which can only be achieved by frequent inspection and maintenance by professionals.

Now that you understand some of the common roofing problems and how to deal with them it is time to take action. The best is to contact a professional roofing company allen tx like All Star Roofing which will take care of all your roofing needs. From roof installation to frequent maintenance and even repairs; All Star Roofing has reliable workmen and equipment to ensure you get the very best. If you need a quotation or have any question, contact All Star on (972)880-1145 and the customer care agents will be more than glad to assist you in whichever way.

Allen TX Roofing Company – All Star Roofing

Image of an Allen TX roofing companyA roofing company offers various services in order to ensure that your house roof will always be in a good working condition. A roof is very important as it serves as the protection against the adverse weather conditions such as rain and sun’s harmful rays. This means that you must ensure that your roof is well maintained and in case of any problem, you need to hire All Start Roofing out of all the roofing companies. This is a reputable company that gives solutions to problems associated with roofs. It is located in Allen TX and it is the best company in the greater Dallas, Texas area. Here are some of the services they offer and hence you should contact them any time your roof is damaged.

Roofing: Commercial and Residential Buildings

All Star Roofing Company has employees who have the necessary skills and experience to do any work that is needed. You can hire them when you are building your house or replacing the roof on an existing house. All you need is to contact them and they will tell you all the items needed as well as the approximate cost. They only take a few days to complete the work of roofing and therefore you do not have to wait for long. They are very reliable and convenient in meeting their deadlines. All these make them to be the best roofing company in Allen TX.

Total Roof Replacement

Total roof replacement may or may not be necessary pending the assessment by a professional contractor from All Star Roofing. This is usually recommended if the likelihood of salvaging the old roof is not feasible. Their company consists of roofers who will tell the approximate cost of the construction. However, the cost may vary depending on the type of materials, steepness of the roof as well as the entire area to be covered. In addition to this, they can also help you to make a claim if you have a home insurance.

Roof Repair

Repair isn’t only done after an occurrence of a natural disasters. Some times it is need year-round due to normal wear-and-tear of the roof and/or shingles. Roof repair is also done in order to correct other minor repairs such as ice build-ups and leaking decks. It is better to consult these roofing experts so as to get professional advice. Otherwise, the damage may lead to bigger leaks which will be costly for you.

Above are some the services offered by All Star Roofing Company. Feel free to contact them if your roof has a problem and they will fix it for you.