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Best roofing companies roof leak repair plano tx

Best Roofing Companies and Roof Leak Repair Plano TX

If you are looking for the best roofing companies and roof leak repair Plano TX then you have come to the right place. Whether for the construction of a new roof, repair of an existing roof, skylight installation or insulating your roof, you can trust the experts at the All Star Roofing company. Determined to provide you with the highest quality service, with a unique expertise, our skilled team is able to achieve all your roofing requirements. Based in Plano, Texas, the experts at All Star Roofing services choose and opt for top quality construction methods in order to obtain sustainable results. Call (972) 880-1145 today to schedule your inspection or estimate!

The Transition Roofing services offered include the following:

  • Roof Shingle Installation and Repair
  • Residential and Commercial Roof repair
  • Slate Roof Services
  • Cleaning and change of gutters and roof slopes
  • Roof Leak Repair Services
  • Flat Roof
  • Metal Roofing Services
  • Wood Shake Roof
  • Tile Changing and Roofing Services

All options will be explained so you can understand the different implications and make the most appropriate choice depending on your situation. We work with shingles, asphalt, slate, metal, tile, and flat roofs. Whether construction, repair, maintenance or roof repair, our team of specialists will offer you the optimal solution to ensure your satisfaction.

Renovation Services

To avoid going through the difficulties of dealing with the detection and repair of leaks in the roof, and address the costs and risks, the best thing you can do is to follow religiously the periodic evaluation of the roofing system. As they say, “A gram of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Whatever your remodeling requirements might be, trust the experts at All Star Roofing. With a unique expertise, our skilled team will be able to achieve all your residential or commercial works of renovating the roof of your building.

Assessment and Planning

All projects by All Star Roofing services are subject to a thorough evaluation and careful planning. Where required, All Star Roofing services work with specialists to make each project a success. All Star Roofing services know the resources and are quite familiar with the areas, where to acquire excellent services at competitive prices. At All Star Roofing, there is always a renewed pleasure among the experts to materialize the desires and dreams of its diversified residential and commercial customers.

Our priority is your satisfaction and well-being. Therefore, we are listening to you and we are at your disposal to study all your projects. We then strive to do the work carefully, as soon as possible.

Why Choose Us?

Customer satisfaction is the primary goal of each project by All Star Roofing which is why we are the best roofing companies and roof leak repair Plano TX. We work every day with a clear vision and uncompromising dedication to:

  • hire staff who are attentive, knowledgeable and proactive
  • listen, question, inform and advise clients from the inception of the project
  • propose sustainable and realistic solutions at competitive prices
  • submit estimates and clear contracts giving the right time to customers
  • assign specialists to each project and properly manage their interventions
  • adjust quickly to unforeseen circumstances and find solutions to every problem
  • execute and complete projects within the agreed time
  • provide the follow-up services required by each project and honor warranties

At All Star Roofing company, we believe it is still possible to deliver products and top quality services at a reasonable price, despite the constant growth and disparate commercial offer. That’s why we keep abreast of technological innovations in our field, to always offer the most relevant products to our customers based on their requirements.

As part of several projects carried out for many years from its inception, All Star Roofing services contributed to directly or indirectly improve the energy efficiency of many buildings even before it is a collective concern. Anxious to continue its efforts in this direction, All Star Roofing services is able to constantly offer innovative solutions to energy conservation, energy independence, and renewable energy installations quite seamlessly integrate with the roofing services.

Contact Us

Specialist in roofing work in Plano, Texas, All Star Roofing Company is listening to its customers and works professionally offering its services with experienced craftsmanship. Whether you want information about our services, get a quote on roofing and other services (from Northern Lights Exteriors and other partners), or to discuss your construction projects or simply meet us, there will always be someone here who will be happy to answer your queries. Do not neglect your roof! Contact us without delay! We work in the shortest time possible, depending on the severity of the problem and conditional acceptance of the quote. (972) 880-1145.

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roofing contractors plano tx

Roofing Contractors Plano TX

The roof of your residential building is the first line of defense against nature’s destructive forces: rain, wind, ice, snow, hail, fire and extreme heat. Every day, the roof comes across weather and elements that may cause its decay, abrasion and deterioration. If not checked, these conditions may ruin your house so badly that your family is exposed.

Finding the right roofing contractors Plano TX is the secret to a long lasting roof. Let experienced roofing experts install, repair and maintain your roof. This way, you keep your family and prized possessions safe. In addition, you increase the general value of your home.

Why you should contact us

We adhere to the standards set by the International Building Code when it comes to the installation of your new roof or repair of an old one. Our roofing company leads in reliability, workmanship, pricing and expertise as far as roofing is concerned.

When you contact us, we will examine your building project and give advice on the best roofing materials. This depends on the materials used in the building of the actual house, weather conditions of your local area and elements that your building will be exposed to daily.

In addition, we listen to your ideas and needs and strive our best to meet them. Here, you can obtain a quote so you have an estimate of how much the roofing project will cost. You need to repair your roof because past storms and adverse weather may have caused cracks, breakages and other destruction. After all, your insurance company covers you against these.

Take advantage of our expertise

For many years now, we are the leading roofing contractors Plano TX. If you need to see our previous projects, we can refer you to a number of residential buildings throughout the city. Feel free to talk to the homeowners who are our past customers.

We can help you obtain the refurbishment and planning permit, because we have established a good relationship with local planning authorities. This process is necessary, as local authorities need to ensure safety, competence and high roofing standards.

As we have roofed and repaired the roofs of innumerable houses, we understand the local needs. We have built a solid reputation in this industry, thanks to highly qualified roofing technicians. These experts have undergone lengthy hours learning different roofing styles, materials and equipment.

More importantly, they attend re-training forums where they exchange notes with other experienced roofing experts. This way, they learn new roofing approaches, gain additional skills and remain updated with new roofing trends.

We examine signs of damage

When there are water stains, cracks or holes on your ceiling, it is a sign that your roofing needs repair. Let us do a professional inspection to determine the extent of the damage. As the best roofing contractors Plano TX, we will check for water bubbles, weak gypsum decks, rotten wood and rusty steel among other signs.

Having your roof checked for faults is important because it saves the materials from irreversible damage. We recommend inspection every six months or after a storm to ensure the weather and elements do not compromise the integrity of the building.

We are licensed and insured

We have reputable business licenses from local regulators. Feel free to contact our offices and check out our certificates of compliance.

In addition, we carry comprehensive insurance from leading insurance companies for both our employees and the job they do. For this reason, you can rest assured of comprehensive compensation in case anything goes wrong.

Contact us

We understand the fact that you may require our services at any time. For this reason, our customer support desk is alert 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact us on (972)880-1145. The desk is always manned, as we expect your call anytime.

When you describe your location, we will dispatch a team of experts immediately. These professionals will first conduct a roof inspection to assess the level of damage. After that, we will advise you on the best roofing repair approach.

If you agree with our proposal, a technician will draft a written quote for you. As work commences, you can rest assured that we will complete it in record time. After that, your roof will protect your family and possessions efficiently. Call the best roofing contractors Plano TX now and let us start the process today.

Plano TX Roofing Company

Plano TX Roofing Company

The roof is very important investment as it protects your business, your family, and your home. As such, you need to hire reputable and professional roofing contractors. If you live in Plano TX, and your roof was affected by the recent storms, you have come to the right place. We are a full service Plano TX roofing company that specializes in commercial, residential, and industrial roofing systems. We offer exceptionally high quality level of services, and our experience and professionalism is unmatched. We strive to not only meet, but also exceed all of our customers expectations. You can reach us (972)880-1145.

One thing which you should do for the roof, regardless what type the roof is, is to have it inspected at least two times a year for any issues, especially after a hail storm. Problems which can be spotted during the roof inspection include; shingles that are damaged or missing, nails which have gotten exposed, issues with flashing, finding the source of the roof leak, and many other such issues. Doing a roof inspection is rather difficult for an untrained eye, and again, you should never risk your roof(s) to your own opinion. Whether you think that you have got a roofing issue or not, you should get one of our professional roofing inspectors to come over to your place of work or home, and check out the roof.

We are the most dependable, and trustworthy Plano TX roofing company. Whether your needs are commercial, industrial or residential, we offer great expertise, along with unparalleled commitment to courtesy, quality, customer care and honesty. From making lasting roof repairs, to installing some of the latest roofing systems technologies which will help both your wallet and the environment, All Star Roofing has got you covered. If it is a new roof, re-roof, roof repairs or gutters you need, All Star Roofing will handle it all. We specialize in commercial and residential roofing from slate, asphalt shingles, tile, metal, to flat roofs including hail storm and wind damage. Whether you’re a homeowner who has a steeply sloped roof, or a business owner with a flat roof, you can contact us to have your roof inspected, repaired, rebuilt or replaced.

Our credentials include an A+ rating with the BBB, full licensing, and liability insurance which protects all of our clients, employees/staff and ensures you have peace of mind. We are committed to providing unmatched craftsmanship, and outstanding quality customer service to all of our clients. We pride ourselves on being fully committed to always putting our customers 1st. Our unique blend of core values combines to create a great customer experience which All Star Roofing Company consistently delivers; this sets us apart from all the other Plano TX roofing companies.

Our company engages its’ employees, manufacturers and customers with mutual integrity, respect and trust, and we provide all of our customers with innovative solutions, and high quality experiences. At All Star Roofing Company, we care about the safety and health of our customers, employees and the community we serve, as well as the environment in which we live and work. Whether you are looking for metal roofing, asphalt shingles, tile, slate, or waterproofing, our highly skilled team of experts will deliver you quality craftsmanship, and 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

Our Mission

We strive to use high quality products and offer unmatched workmanship; Always provide timely services at fair prices; Attain the highest possible safety standards; and always try to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Our Values

We highly value all of our relationships, and we will always be true and fair in all of our dealings with our clients, employees, vendors, partners, and most importantly, our customers. We know that by accomplishing this, we’ve the best opportunity of creating long lasting relationships, with our internal associates and external business customers.

Our Goal

To deliver cost effective, and high quality roofing projects on schedule. We strive to always attract and retain fully dedicated, highly trained, and professional work associates by offering a safe working environment, that’s conducive to creative advancement, learning, and continuous improvement.


We’re the leading residential and commercial roofing company, with many years of deep experience in all types of roofing systems. We’re considered to be the best Plano TX roofing company to call for all roof repairs, water proofing and roofing needs. We focus on delivering top quality workmanship, at pocket friendly prices. We are currently repairing and replacing roofs in Plano TX area at little to no cost at all to the home owner or business owner. If you live in Plano TX, and your roof was affected by the recent hail storm, call us today at (972)880-1145, and schedule a roof inspection.